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The police are now hunting three bandits who are on the run after they were unable to rob(Above): The pair of slippers and the knife left behind by the thieves. The businessman car.an East Canje business man. The entire scenario was caught on Close Circuit Television (CCT) and the perpetrators are said to be known.  The bandits were unable to steal anything.The men attempted to rob business man Bisham Sarju,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, called ‘Latch’,Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys, of Lot 229,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, Second Street,Los Angeles Kings Jerseys China, Number Two Village,Wholesale Authentic China Jerseys, East Canje Berbice.According to Sarju,Denver Broncos Jerseys China, he had just driven into his yard about 08:30 hrs on Friday when he was followed by three men on two bicycles.He stated that before he could park his vehicle he noticed the men entering his yard. He decided to reverse out of the yard even as the men attempted to break into his vehicle.He was successful in driving out of the yard. The bandits fled empty handed leaving a pair of slippers and a 12 inch knife behind.Investigations are continuing.

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